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Workforce Empowerment (W.E.) are today's HR!   

Rely on us to help optimize your team for who you A.R.E.*

Specializing in improving Attraction, Retention & Engagement 

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Our clients trust us to listen to the reasons they started their business in the first place.  We promise to stay true to that course and provide market data, trends and advice to stay ahead of the curve.

Coaching & training

Whether you want your leadership to truly understand how to lead remote teams or are looking to support your executives on their journey, we've got you covered.

polices & practices

The legal backbone of your business is important and too many employers get it wrong.  We keep our ear to the employment landscape with our lawyer affiliates and legislation resources to ensure your business is compliant and bulletproof.

culture and employee experience

We help clients to walk gracefully through employee relations, investigations, restructures and organizational change.  These days there is no such thing as an 'organic' culture, it must be fed and cared for constantly.  With over 6 decades of combined experience, we provide relevant and meaningful Culture and Diversity programs to support employers in a changing world.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Talent Forecasting & Management

HR Metrics and Reporting

HR Assessments

Succession Planning

Organizational Change Management

Conflict Resolution

Employee Investigations

Compensation Equity Studies

Organizational Design

Creation of Mission, Vision, Values

Handbook Creation & Updates

Onboarding Checklists & Best Practices

Respectful Exits

Severance Agreements

Risk Mitigation

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Belonging

Employee Experience Enhancement

Performance Management

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Paylocity Implementation Assistance


Your People Are Our People

diverse workforce

It may sound cliche, but we do what we do because we care about the success of your business.  We know that you employ real human beings with lives outside of the workplace and goals of their own.

Smart business owners recognize the part their people play in synergistically making them the top choice for their customers. We partner with leaders to not only take the worry out of managing the complex world of employment, but also to provide insight and strategy for culture definition and improvement.

Having us on your side as a Culture Champion is integral to navigating the emerging landscape of employment environments.  

Our services are not based on your average HR forms and checklists.  Based on our decades of executive-level experience in corporate and non-profit organizations, we know what works because we listen.

Through working with CEOs, Operations Executives, People Teams and Business Owners, we are able to customize our Speaking Topics to your areas of concern.  Perhaps you need to highlight a project in order to advance your practices as an Employer of Choice.   Our team offers the solution that is affordable and effective whatever the size of your workforce.

We are Thought Leaders in the People and Culture movement but understand that the paperwork and policies need to have flawless execution in order to support the vision.


We have a few things we need to get started..

Serving San Diego, Nationwide and Global Clients

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