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Want to work with the Best? So do your Employees

Job selection is perhaps the least defined and most skewed areas left in business today. Much effort is put in to tell job seekers how to land the job they think they want or how to identify red flags to indicate something has run afoul of the pitch the hiring team handed to you during the interview process. Competition is fierce but it would be short-sighted to post a win for the employer who snags talent without fully disclosing the company culture and job realities.

The very title of this post suggests there is a "Best" workplace--there isn't. Similar to learning styles and environment preference, people have individual ideas about what makes a workplace ideal. Check out to see how varied employee experiences can be.

I admit to being a big fan of Predictive Index surveys to assess job candidates as well as succession planning and team development. Wouldn't it be a step in the right direction for potential employers to show the candidate a similar assessment of the work environment and personalities they will be working for, and with, on a regular basis? In addition, shouldn't we promote transparent communication about the soft skills that indicate success for the role they are applying for?

Look, I promise your employees are going to find out anyway. We would all save ourselves time, pain and money if we agree that this, truly, is the job. Until we have employers who are willing to show the warts while extolling the opportunities, I would recommend that job seekers reach out to current employees on LinkedIn, read those employer reviews and leadership bios, and sock away some of each paycheck in order to have the freedom to jump ship if it doesn't work out.

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