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Best ways to make magic within your team

If you are a sports enthusiast, you know how it feels to watch the flow and magic that comes from a well-formed team.

Full disclosure here, I only watch soccer. Please refrain from regaling me with information on how other sports are different in response to this article. Suffice it to say, I know that not all sports are soccer (one could only dream) but there is a lesson that I am compelled to share after watching the Copa America and Euro Cups this year.

I think we can all agree that paralells between business and sports has been beaten to death but, bear with me, and I promise it will be worth it.

Think about your group at work. How well do you practice making magic?

In world-class teams, each player has a total playing field awareness that seems to sense the opponents position and then optimizes the drive towards the goal. This playmaker is giving wordless signals to teammates to communicate the strategy for the next move.

Always, there is trust. And practice. And then there is the practice of giving and inspiring trust. Those are the sparks that create the magic teams.

Poor players will exhibit public displays of frustration with their teammates which can raise questions of skill, maturity or character. Who's responsibility is it to ensure the message is agreed to and received regarding strategy? How does the captain encourage, practice and celebrate with team members? That's where true leadership comes in.

There are no short cuts to making magic within successful communication. As Jeremy Choi, entreprenuership blogger, points out, "Opting for more genuine communication differentiates you from other business people. As productive as texting and email can appear to be, taking the time to phone/video-call/meet someone makes you stand out— more so now than ever.It also shows others they’re important and in business that’s key."

Be wary of falling in to the trap of thinking one communication style or platform should work the same between all members. Do not think that, if one person team understands the message, they all will. The whole premise of blended communication is delivery the message via various formats (e.g. email, verbal, written reminders, experiences, etc) in digestible bites for the best application and retention.

See if you can take time today to slow down, listen and really relate to your team. They are, after all, your best chance for success. Pay attention to the genuine trust messages along the way as they represent the small victories in buidling relationships which is always your best win.

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