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DisruptHR SanDiego Speakers


In just one month from today, San Diego promises to deliver an all-star panel of top speakers with the purpose of Disrupting HR!

Join Total People Management and Fichter Silva Consulting, Co-Chief Disruptors, at the first ever Disrupt San Diego to ‘trip the light fantastic’ for all things related to work as we jettison in to the future.

Take a look at this list of the national celebrity speakers as well as some truly awesome local voices you will hear on October 19th:

LARRY KESSLIN brings a poignant message to us with “From Surface To Purpose” with heartfelt and motivational stories that will have you redefining success. Using his Connectedness Continuum hierarchy, Larry encourages us to embrace meaning in our worklife. Learn how to find your tribe, go beyond survival and really plug in to joy and happiness.

NINA WOODARD illustrates the invisible dangers that lurk in the ordinary with “Now Serving Boiled Frog” to peak our awareness regarding the impacts of Micro Aggression. She will raise our levels of observation and call out for individual responsibility to shift paradigms and thus shift others.

SEAN RING reminds us that money alone is not all that it is cracked up to be with “Soul Salary”, where doing good is the new great and companies are stronger and more engaged when they offer their employees true happiness. Sing it with me.

MIGUEL DE JESUS hits us where it counts with “Oh, Grow Up!”, and shares with us the ROI of Emotional Intelligence. With 2 Fortune 500 companies and more than 20 years business management, Miguel has seen it all --from the infantile to the enlightened. See where you fit on the spectrum.

KATHLEEN BATES has a chilling prediction to prepare us for “Babies Born After the End of the World” where she explores what we can expect from the Post-911 workforce. How will their heightened sensitivity to security, fluency in social media, digital dependence and pluralist values affect our culture?

GERRY ROSE convinces us that hiring talent and perpetuating company culture always comes back to true values in “Get It Together! Hiring for Culture” Here, Gerry offers sage advice to bring about unlimited candidate prospects and the ever-crucial employee referrals in the competition for talent.

ANN VERTEL challenges our self-limiting beliefs with “Take Charge of Your Inner Imposter” and gives us tips to overcome the two universal thoughts, “You’re not enough” and “Who do you think you are?” We all have it, and it even draws us together. Ann will tell us how to break free of the cycle…for good!

CECILIA GORMAN tells it like it is with “We Are the Discriminators” where she will hold a mirror for each of us to reflect upon  our unconscious bias. Discover ways to raise your awareness of the issue and learn tools to help yourself get out of your way.

ANGELICA GAMBLE-WONG ties it all together for us with a practical bow in “What’s Happening HeRe?” by regaling us with stories from her uber-impressive career. What’s more, she lends us her valuable insights to identify the trends we need to watch for in the future.

VAL BROWN puts a twist on the popular notion of storytelling with “Say What!?” and offers advice to us regarding the equally important role of story-listener. How do we see the candidate, manager, colleague through their story? Val explains what are they really telling us and how to use the information.

ALEX KENNEDY (a.k.a., Millenial Whisperer) tells us to “Stop Chasing Relevance” and quit complaining about the upcoming, unprecedented generation of workers and customers. In her highly entertaining style, Alex will cause us to shift our thinking, bridge the gap and learn to bring youth and experience together in order to create magic in the workplace.

ELAINE SWANN may be the Emily-Post-of-the-Digital-Age but is equally impressive at creating culture. Come learn from Elaine’s talk “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” where she shares her vision of organizational excellence and a sustainable new relationship with the workforce of today and tomorrow.

CATHERINE MATTICE says in a sassy way “Anti-bullying and Harassment Initiatives are Stupid” and that we all should be seeking civility on the job because it’s the only thing that truly works. Her unique perspective gives us proactive tools and reminds us of our ethical responsibilities to create a great place to work.

THOMAS INGRASSIA wakes us up to the resounding alarm of “It’s Time to Work on Your Core!” by giving us a fresh perspective on how your value system drives the organization—culture, conflict, engagement, hiring, and firing—and everything in between.

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