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6 Ways to Help Your HR Team Win Today

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It's no secret that leadership is relying more and more on their HR teams. We hear that, time and time again, CEOs are not only offering a seat at the table to their HR leader, but considering them key decision partners.

As Forbes told us about the People Leaders of today, "With proper planning and effective messaging, HR ensures a smooth transition for affected employees, departments and managers when it comes to layoffs. We create, implement and monitor staffing budgets. We analyze compensation trends to ensure we stay competitive in the industry. We are experts in attracting and retaining top talent. We find cost-effective ways to educate and train employees who are on a specific career path. We do our due diligence with grievances and conduct thorough investigations, leaving limited to no liability on the employer. If organizations allow us, we keep employees happy and the company free and clear from lawsuits."

It's good news for everyone...even if it is arguably a bit late for some employers. Although I have written previously that No One Wants to Be in HR Today, I am a dedicated supporter of the future of Workforce Empowerment. The tide is changing and the movement towards a holistic view to organizational practices that include the humane treatment of humans is upon us. No longer just 'resources', employees at all levels are being looked upon for market strategies, customer-loyalty builders, social pundits, and whistle-blowers. Credit technology for the never-heard-of-before transparency to management practices but, like it or not, here we are.

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This is where outsourcing some of your People Practices can help:

  1. Culture Initiatives to Increase Engagement

  2. Leadership Training for the New Age

  3. Fresh Updates to Policies and Practices for Compliance and Fun (Ha!)

  4. Efficiencies through Smart Technology (..Not just for technology's sake)

  5. Strategic Workforce Planning (a.k.a, Succession and Catastrophe Prevention)

  6. Performance without Burn-out (Yes, it is possible. Necessary even.)

Your internal HR team are heroes. Let them succeed and feel supported by a targeted outsourced solution. Let them get shit done and revel in the glory. Everyone wins when you support the team that supports your team.

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